Friday, 21 March 2014

I Blame The National Health Service......

Oh dear! This jobbing builder has been in hospital for several days and things are getting out of hand. I have absolutely no idea what Grandpa Roland is up to and hope that, what ever it is, Grandma Jean is not talking to her solicitor about a divorce. Grandpa can be quite a handful sometimes......

But then, so can I. Yesterday, I was allowed a day out of my ward. Off I trotted to the local charity shops, pretending to look for the vintage jug my mother has asked me to track down for her Mothering Sunday present for next week. No jug to suit was found....but a Sylvanian Family barge for £3.00 proved too much of a  temptation. The little grey mouse who is looking for lodging chez Les Crawshaws has brought the joy of Sylvania back to my mind. (Sylvanian Families animals were such a big part of family life when my children were small.) Added to that, I have let the Crawshaw couple and their several lodgers down rather a lot, my health issues having got in the way of their various renovation plans, so the prospect of a leisure craft for holidays for them all was just too tempting.

Try as I might, I couldn't hide the Rose of Sylvania. NHS hospital beds are high with no over-hanging blankets allowed, so stuffing it under the bed was not an option. The bedside lockers are way too small for clothing and snacks, never mind a 60cm long boat. So, my only way of handling the situation was to brazen it out.
 Yes I am still mentally 6 years old. 
Yes, I did buy a toy. 
Yes, I am going to keep it.
 No, I don't have children at home. 
YES Dr. A. you can just take the top of and see what's inside. 
Scale, Dr. A? I'm not sure it is to any scale in particular. 
Well designed, Dr. A? Yes, it is very like the real one my brother moors on the Leeds/Liverpool canal.

Dr. A. is coming back sometime this weekend to measure up the Rose of Sylvania with the view to making his own wooden version, using her dimensions as a guide.

Now, if the NHS wheels didn't grind very slowly when it comes to assessing test results, I'd be out of here by now and wouldn't even have seen the barge. Dr. A. wouldn't have seen it either. So, I blame the National Health Service for all of this and, if Dr. A. happens to give up medicine in favour of boat building, I am not prepared to take the blame! Am I beginning to sound like Grandpa?

As I am in a shared room, it has proved impossible to take photos without compromising the privacy of others, so there are none to show on this post. Pictures will follow when I finally arrive home.
Thank you to Dr. A. for lending me his laptop to type up this post.


  1. Hope you won't be trying Dr. A's patience (sounds very nice!) for too much longer. Take care.

  2. The interaction with Dr A made me laugh a lot! Do I detect another miniaturist in the making? You will know how I have been seduced by all those Sylvanians - the word Slyvanian which often appears in the ebay listings is not ill-chosen.....

    Why do I never find barges in charity shops? One of those is on my watch list, along with both kinds of caravan. I now have many homeless animals after removing the Art Deco house to Bavorov.

    Thank you for your comments, especially about the paint colour. Since all the display furniture came out of our old house, from many different rooms, a uniting factor was crucial and I too love that colour. I haven't yet revealed that the rush job done this last week by the painter, has come out much lighter, but hopefully that will be more or less buried once the shelves are covered in houses and cars. It made me cross though.

    I do hope you are now safely home again.
    Gil aka cestina x

  3. Loved this post. Now you are off making Dr's change their career's! But does it not just go to show that there are many closet 'doll or toy' people out there who love to come across someone who is 6 and proud and shouts it out loud!!
    Dee xxx

  4. My daughter has a large Calico Critters house, Calico Critters being the equivalent of Sylvanian Families here in the US. She also has a family of bunnies, and a house full of furniture, carefully packed away for now as she is grown up. However, she does like the little sets I buy for her when I can't resist, the last set being just over two years ago at Christmas when she was almost seventeen. :) I love the idea of that barge!