Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Visit From Another Potential Tenant.

Recently, Grandma and I have been sending Grandpa off to the pub every lunch time. We think it is time he found a few friends who might be a steadying influence on him and we need an hour or two to look at wall paper, order furniture and discuss plans which we will then persuade him were his own ideas in the first place. Grandma Jean and I agree that this is the best approach to getting our own way whilst allowing our men folk to believe they are in charge.

It seems Grandpa has met a tall fellow called Arthur who is a retired gardener and now needs a new home. We haven't met him yet but are glad to know there will be another chap taking over a room or two on Dolly Mixture Lane. However, if we hadn't sen her with our very own eyes, we would not have believed Grandpa Roland's claim over another potential tenant that came knocking at the door just after he got home today. We would have been suspecting that his daily pint had grown to rather more substantial quantities.

This little lady is a seamstress and hand launderer, so she and Grandma should have much to chat about, should they be able to find a suitable place for her to call her own. Grandpa, being a generous soul, is going to talk to the bank about another mortgage but Grandma is hoping it will be declined and Sian's House could be turned into two flats instead.

What ever the outcome, she looks as though she would be a clean, respectable little tenant and I'm sure she deserves a new start as she has been living in a box since the early 1990s. What do you think?


  1. Oh yes! I think Grandma needs a special friend.

    1. Grandpa thought she was afraid of mice - typical male assumption! - but she proved in an earlier post that he was wrong. There might be worse neighbours than giant mice - I had some when I lived in South London whom I'd have been glad to swap for mice!

  2. I say you have to give a girl a chance, even if she does look suspiciously like that gang that used to go around squatting in peoples houses, making holes in the walls and stealing food and such :) I can look at her and tell she would probably never behave so unseemly!!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  3. Well, Teresa, she's lived in a little cardboard box with nothing but her plate, mug and little wash tub for nearly 30 years without nibbling holes in it, so perhaps she will behave! Added to that, her clothing is pristine, she puts my laundry skills to shame but, as Grandma has been heard to mention, that is not too difficult to manage...!

  4. I am sure Arthur, the gardener chappy, will be a steady influence on Grandpa! As to your possibly new tennant....she has a friendly face so yeah...why not, go for it! The more the merrier, that's what I say...Celia

  5. She seems quite the cheery little dear to me.....someone you could have a cuppa with in the afternoons!