Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Renovation Begins.

Once again, Grandpa's enthusiastic approach to life has come to the fore. Grandma Jean sits on the stairs, happily dreaming about colour schemes and where various items of furniture should go.

 Meanwhile, Grandpa Roland has been tearing around peeling some of the wallpaper off in each room, just to see what's underneath,

  turning back old carpets to look at the floor boards

 and playing with the wiring and light bulbs.

His greatest desire is to make a comfortable home for  his wonderful wife and he really likes this little house but....what is it that is lurking at the back of his mind and won't quite surface? Perhaps when he sorts out what this little niggling thought is, he'll be able to settle down to renovating the house fully.
He goes off to talk it over with Grandma Jean.

'Something is bothering me, dear.' he says.

 'Are you worried about the work load?' asks Grandma. ' I think we should get one of those large people to help - you know - a human.'

'It isn't that, though perhaps I could do with some support and humans can be quite useful, as long as they don't take over!' muses Grandpa. 'I think what is worrying me is that the world is so unfair. Here we are, able to buy a house and do it up, whilst others have nowhere to go at all.'

'We have more rooms than we really need here. This house is four times bigger than our bedsit in Shoe Box Road and though it is nice to have plenty of space, perhaps we could take in lodgers,' said Grandma. ' It would be nice to have company and, if we charge a little rent, it will help pay for the renovations here.'

Whilst Grandma ponders the best way to find lodgers, Grandpa sets off to find me - it seems I am to be the building, decorating and furniture moving human to lighten his work load. Now, he feels he can go to work on the house with a sense of purpose.


  1. Well, sounds like some exciting times ahead for both Grandpa and Grandma, especially if they take in lodgers! Looks like they have enlisted the right human to help out as well.

  2. They've definitely chosen the right human.....and I just might have found them the perfect lodgers.....

  3. I hope those lodgers turn out to be nice and easy to get along with ;)